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Version: 6.0 🚧

SRS Stack

SRS Stack is a video cloud solution that is lightweight, open-source, and based on Go, Reactjs, SRS, FFmpeg, WebRTC, etc.

Comparing SRS Stack and SRS, both offer media streaming capabilities at a similar level. However, SRS Stack provides a more powerful and feature-rich experience for end users, eliminating the need to write any code. Users can directly utilize SRS Stack for your media services needs.

ComparisonSRS StackSRSNotes
LicenseMITAGPL-3.0-or-laterSRS is licenced under MIT, SRS Stack is AGPL-3.0-or-later.
Live StreamingYesYesBoth support RTMP, HLS, and HTTP-FLV protocols.
WebRTCYesYesWebRTC is supported by both.
ConsoleEnhancedHTTP APISRS Stack offers a more powerful console.
AuthenticationYesHTTP CallbackSRS Stack has built-in authentication, while SRS uses callbacks.
DVREnhancedFile-basedSRS Stack supports DVR to file and cloud storage.
ForwardingEnhancedBasicSRS Stack can forward to multiple platforms via various protocols.
Virtual LiveYesNoSRS Stack provides advanced virtual live streaming capabilities.
WordPressYesNoSRS Stack offers a WordPress plugin and step-by-step guidelines.

Special Note:

  • Please choose the Ubuntu 20 system, as other systems may encounter some strange issues.


SRS Stack offers a Docker image, for usage instructions refer to the SRS Stack Docker.


For Ubuntu 20+, you can download the linux-srs_stack-en.tar.gz and install it.

DigitalOcean Droplet​

Easily set up an SRS Stack with just one click. For more information, check out How to Establish a Video Streaming Service with a Single Click.


SRS Stack offers a BaoTa plugin, for usage instructions refer to the SRS Stack aaPanel Plugin.

TencentCloud LightHouse​

Please read TencentCloud LightHouse: Deploy SRS to Tencent LightHouse.