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版本:4.0 (Archived) 📦



NGINX-RTMP支持的EXEC方式,参考nginx exec,SRS只支持常用的几种。下面是exec的支持情况:

  1. exec/exec_publish: 当发布流时调用,支持。
  2. exec_pull: 不支持。
  3. exec_play: 不支持。
  4. exec_record_done: 不支持。

Note: 可以使用HTTP Callback,回调你的业务服务器,再启动FFmpeg处理对应的流。这是更灵活,也是更合适的方案。


SRS EXEC的配置参考conf/exec.conf,如下:

vhost __defaultVhost__ {
    # the exec used to fork process when got some event.
    exec {
        # whether enable the exec.
        # default: off.
        enabled     off;
        # when publish stream, exec the process with variables:
        #       [vhost] the input stream vhost.
        #       [port] the intput stream port.
        #       [app] the input stream app.
        #       [stream] the input stream name.
        #       [engine] the tanscode engine name.
        # other variables for exec only:
        #       [url] the rtmp url which trigger the publish.
        #       [tcUrl] the client request tcUrl.
        #       [swfUrl] the client request swfUrl.
        #       [pageUrl] the client request pageUrl.
        # @remark empty to ignore this exec.
        publish     ./objs/ffmpeg/bin/ffmpeg -f flv -i [url] -c copy -y ./[stream].flv;

Winlin 2015.08