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Version: 4.0

SRS Embeded HTTP Server

SRS Embeded a HTTP web server, supports api and simple HTTP file for HLS.

To deploy SRS HTTP server, read Usage: HTTP

The SRS Embeded HTTP server is rewrite refer to go http module, so it's ok to use srs as http server. Read #277

Remark: The SRS HTTP server is just a origin HTTP server, for HTTP edge server, please use NGINX, SQUID and ATS.

Use Scenario​

The SRS Embeded HTTP server is design to provides basic HTTP service, like the camera of mobile phone.

SRS should provides HTTP api, which is actually a embeded HTTP server.

Actually, RTMP is more complex than HTTP, so HTTP server on st is absolutely ok. The HTTP Server in SRS1.0 is expirement, I will enhance it future.


Config the HTTP port and root.

# embeded http server in srs.
# the http streaming config, for HLS/HDS/DASH/HTTPProgressive
# global config for http streaming, user must config the http section for each vhost.
# the embed http server used to substitute nginx in ./objs/nginx,
# for example, srs runing in arm, can provides RTMP and HTTP service, only with srs installed.
# user can access the http server pages, generally:
# curl
# which will show srs version and welcome to srs.
# @remeark, the http embeded stream need to config the vhost, for instance, the __defaultVhost__
# need to open the feature http of vhost.
http_server {
# whether http streaming service is enabled.
# default: off
enabled on;
# the http streaming port
# @remark, if use lower port, for instance 80, user must start srs by root.
# default: 8080
listen 8080;
# the default dir for http root.
# default: ./objs/nginx/html
dir ./objs/nginx/html;

And, each vhost can specifies the dir.

vhost your_vhost {
# http static vhost specified config
http_static {
# whether enabled the http static service for vhost.
# default: off
enabled on;
# the url to mount to,
# typical mount to [vhost]/
# the variables:
# [vhost] current vhost for http server.
# @remark the [vhost] is optional, used to mount at specified vhost.
# @remark the http of __defaultVhost__ will override the http_stream section.
# for example:
# mount to [vhost]/
# access by
# mount to [vhost]/hls
# access by
# mount to /
# access by
# or by
# mount to /hls
# access by
# or by
# default: [vhost]/
mount [vhost]/hls;
# main dir of vhost,
# to delivery HTTP stream of this vhost.
# default: ./objs/nginx/html
dir ./objs/nginx/html/hls;

Remark: The http_stream of SRS1 renamed to http_server in SRS2, which specifies the global HTTP server config, used to delivery http static files, for dvr files(HLS/FLV/HDS/MPEG-DASH).

Remark: The http of vhost of SRS1 renamed to http_static, similar to global http_server for HTTP static files delivery. While the http_remux introduced in SRS2 is dynamic remux RTMP to HTTP Live FLV/Mp3/Aac/HLS/Hds/MPEG-DASH stream.


Only some MIME is supported:

File ext nameContent-Type
.tsContent-Type: video/MP2T;charset=utf-8
.m3u8Content-Type: application/x-mpegURL;charset=utf-8
.jsonContent-Type: application/json;charset=utf-8
.cssContent-Type: text/css;charset=utf-8
.swfContent-Type: application/x-shockwave-flash;charset=utf-8
.jsContent-Type: text/javascript;charset=utf-8
.xmlContent-Type: text/xml;charset=utf-8
OthersContent-Type: text/html;charset=utf-8


Supported HTTP method:

  • GET: Query API, or download file.

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