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Version: 5.0 (Stable) ✅


The resources of SRS.


The ports used by SRS, kernel services:

For optional HTTPS services, which might be provided by other web servers:

  • tcp://8088, HTTPS live streaming server.
  • tcp://1990, HTTPS API server.

For optional stream converter services, to push streams to SRS:

For external services to work with SRS:


The API used by SRS:

  • /api/v1/ The HTTP API path.
  • /rtc/v1/ The HTTP API path for RTC.
  • /sig/v1/ The demo signaling API.

Other API used by

  • /gif/v1 The statistic API.
  • /service/v1/ The latest available version API.

The statistic path for


Gitee, the GIT usage

git clone &&
cd srs && git remote set-url origin && git pull

Remark: For users in China, recomment to use mirror from CSDN or OSChina, because they are much faster. Gitlab, the GIT usage

git clone srs &&
cd srs && git remote set-url origin && git pull

Github, the GIT usage

git clone
3.0release2m19.931s262MBgit clone -b 3.0release
3.0release0m56.515s95MBgit clone -b 3.0release --depth=1
develop2m22.430s234MBgit clone -b develop
develop0m46.421s42MBgit clone -b develop --depth=1
min2m22.865s217MBgit clone -b min
min0m36.472s11MBgit clone -b min --depth=1