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Version: 6.0 (Unstable) 🚧

SRS for Windows

SRS 5.0.89+ supports Windows(Cygwin64).

Build from code

Please install Cygwin64.

Install packages gcc-g++ make automake patch pkg-config tcl cmake, please see packages.

Build SRS with cygwin terminal:

git checkout develop

If success, there should be a ./objs/srs.exe, please follow Getting Started to use it.

Install from binary

For each release of SRS, from SRS 5.0.89, there is always a binary installer of SRS Windows, normally as the artifact of release, which allows you to install and run SRS very easy.

Bellow is some examples, note that you should always use the latest release, not the fixed one:

Note: SRS 5.0.89+ supports cygwin pipeline, to build and packge automatically by GitHub Actions.

Run SRS as administrator:

Publish to SRS Windows by FFmpeg:

ffmpeg -re -i ~/srs/doc/source.flv -c copy -f flv rtmp://win11/live/livestream

Play by VLC or srs-player

Most of SRS features are available in Windows, for example, RTMP, HTTP-FLV, HLS, WebRTC, HTTP-API, Prometheus Exporter, etc.

Package by NSIS

If want to package by NSIS, please run in cygwin terminal:

"/cygdrive/c/Program Files (x86)/NSIS/makensis.exe" \
    /DSRS_VERSION=$(./objs/srs -v 2>&1) \
    /DCYGWIN_DIR="C:\cygwin64" \

Known Issues

ST supports windows:

Commits about SRS Windows:

Windows docker also works for SRS, however, srs.exe is more popular for windows developers.

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