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Version: 6.0 (Unstable) 🚧

DASH deploy example

Delivery DASH by SRS:

Suppose the server ip is

Step 1, get SRS

For detail, read GIT

git clone
cd srs/trunk

Or update the exists code:

git pull

Step 2, build SRS

For detail, read Build

./configure && make

Step 3, config SRS

Please read DASH

Save bellow as config, or use conf/dash.conf:

# conf/dash.conf
listen              1935;
max_connections     1000;
daemon              off;
srs_log_tank        console;
http_server {
    enabled         on;
    listen          8080;
    dir             ./objs/nginx/html;
vhost __defaultVhost__ {
    dash {
        enabled         on;
        dash_fragment       30;
        dash_update_period  150;
        dash_timeshift      300;
        dash_path           ./objs/nginx/html;
        dash_mpd_file       [app]/[stream].mpd;

Step 4, start SRS

./objs/srs -c conf/dash.conf

Note: You can also use other web server, such as NGINX, to delivery files of DASH.

Step 5, start Encoder

Use FFMPEG to publish stream:

    for((;;)); do \
        ./objs/ffmpeg/bin/ffmpeg -re -i ./doc/source.flv \
        -c copy \
        -f flv rtmp://; \
        sleep 1; \

The stream in SRS:

  • RTMP url:rtmp://
  • DASH url:

Step 6, play RTMP stream

RTMP url is: rtmp://

User can use vlc to play the RTMP stream.

Note: Please replace all ip to your server ip.

Step 7, play DASH stream

DASH url:

Please use VLC to play.

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