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· 4 min read


HEVC, or H.265, can reduce bandwidth usage by about 50% compared to the widely used H.264 codec, which has the best compatibility. Over the past 10 years, HEVC has grown slowly because a new codec needs an ecosystem to support it, including decoders and device hardware. Now, both RTMP and FLV support HEVC in OBS and FFmpeg, which are the standard tools in the live streaming industry.

· 3 min read

Written by Winlin and GPT4

While Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is a widely used solution for live-streaming to YouTube via RTMP or RTMPS, there is an alternative approach that leverages a web browser.

This method involves streaming your camera using WebRTC within a webpage, then employing Simple Realtime Server (SRS) to convert WebRTC to RTMP, and using FFmpeg to publish the RTMP stream to YouTube. For those who prefer RTMPS, FFmpeg can be utilized to extract the stream from SRS via RTMP, transcode it to RTMPS, and subsequently publish it to YouTube.